Thursday, September 16, 2010

I got a Package from Germany today.................

and ohhhhhh it was like Christmas. I made a trade with a very nice girl I meet through Ravelry. I couldn't believe it, when I opened the box......the yarn is so much more then what I expected. The colors are absolutely stunning ! I even got an extra Gift, a beautiful Sock Blocker made by her husband :0) Thank you sooooooo much Tina !!! Now I wish I had a few extra hands, to cast all this yarn on all at once :0)


  1. Ooooh... was für schöne Farben!!!!!!! Die Wollmeise würde mir auch sehr gut gefallen... nur leider hier in Deutschland, warum auch immer, kaum zu erhalten! :o(

  2. Ich glaube Wollmeisen sind ueberall schwer zu bekommen, bei uns muss man ganz schoen was hinblaettern wenn man sowas will. Gott sei Dank hab ich " Beziehungen " :0)