Sunday, January 30, 2011

Hello Friends........

I am very sorry I have been so quiet , but we had a bit of a Family Emergency. My son (22) has been hospitalized, vomiting and extreme abdominal pain. We are back at home, however still not sure what the problem is. We are going to go through more tests and hope they will find the problem soon. No matter how old your children are it is extremely upsetting to see them suffer. I haven't felt this helpless in a very long time. And you know when they give him Morphine for pain, it is serious business. Anyway, he is home and fairly comfortable at this time. Which would be a lie in my case! I am on pins and needles, scared to death he will start vomiting again. So what does a person do to calm down............I knit and try to get my mind occupied.
Here is a pair of socks I finished this morning. It was Krayzee Kittys Mystery Kal.
I used yarn from Atelier Zauberelfe called Rose bei Nacht. It was an absolute joy to work with this yarn.


  1. Ich wünsche deinem Sohn "Gute Besserung"!!!! Hoffe, es wird alles wieder gut!!!!!

    LG aus Deutschland


  2. Aber gerne doch!!!!! Wie du schon so schön schreibst, es ist egal wie alt sie sind... man macht sich als Mutter einfach verrückt, wenn es den Kindern schlecht geht und am Liebsten würde man den Schmerz auf sich nehmen.....!!! Toi Toi Toi weiterhin!!!